Final Self-Assesment


Creating a website for myself has been an interesting experience. I didn’t necessarily use it as much as I originally thought I would, but I definitely understand the basics of using WordPress more than I did before. I do believe that if I was a position where I wanted to keep a website that I regularly updated and used more in depth, I would be better equipped to do so because of having worked on this one. As someone potentially going into a career in media studies, a website like this could certainly be useful for things like presenting a portfolio and having an online presence, especially as someone who doesn’t have a presence on social media. Over the course of the semester as I added posts, I began to categorize them, and eventually put the different categories on the main menu so they could be accessed more easily instead of having to scroll all the way back through the home page. In the end, it ended up being a more simple website than I had originally envisioned, but it is functional, which is really more important, at least for the purpose of this class. I also realized that the date the website displays for the post is not always correct, which is confusing and somewhat concerning as the assignment is for the posts to be up by a certain date. This is an issue I am still looking into.



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