Rough Draft

Final Project

For my creative project, I am going to create a virtual 3-Dimensional representation of a classroom and the technology most commonly used in the classroom. Each piece of technology represented in the classroom will correspond to information and data I have collected through my research on the inequalities related to the usage of these technologies and digital media in education.Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 4.09.35 PM.png

Prototype of model of classroom


Because my project is very research heavy, I think having an interactive component like this will make it more interesting and accessible. It brings the facts to life in a way they do not within just a research paper. I have been working on gathering research for classroom technologies including but not limited to SmartBoards, desktop computers, laptop computers, cell phones, as well as specific programs such as Kahn Academy, Quizlet, Brainpop, etc. These will be represented in my creative project with virtual models.


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