Extra Credit – Fran K., A Very Different Frankenstein

Extra Credit

On Monday, September 24th, Emory screened a viewing of Fran K.: Frankenstein, directed by Rob Barracano/Schmidt. This film was a pilot episode for a potential TV show. While some pilots are made to go on TV as the first episode of a series, others are created as essentially a pitch for a TV show. If the pilot is liked and does well, then the series may go on to be created, if not, the series will never go any further. Fran K. was the latter type of pilot, and it is still unknown whether or not a series will be created to follow it. I personally very much enjoyed the episode. It was a refreshing twist on the classic Frankenstein story. The characters had depth – both the main character, Fran, and the mad scientist are somewhat evil but have genuine compelling backstories. They were all very sympathetic, despite their crimes, because we saw what motivated them: for the scientist, his child, for Fran, her being kicked out by her mother, abused, and having a child. The importance of well-rounded, believable characters can never be overstated. I was left, at the end of the episode wanting to continue the story. I think this concept would make for an interesting series and a unique way to address a variety of social issues in a fictional context.


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