Following Media: The New York Times


As we begin our journey through film 208, I have decided to follow the New York Times. I have chosen this source because the NY Times is not only a reliably factual but often an aggressively investigative source. While generally categorized as a having a left-leaning bias, it also is known for its consistent dedication to facts and quality of reporting, which I believe is especially important in the current era of “fake news.” Their slogan, “All the News That’s Fit to Print,” I believe embodies this commitment well; only reporting the news that is fit to print, not every rumor or lie. Their investigative reporting and coverage of important but controversial issues is also an important component of their value as a news source. The depth of NY Times coverage of issues like Ferguson, the Ebola crisis, and most recently, the publishing to the anonymous op-ed detailing resistance in the Trump white house brought important issues to light and to the national conversation. This kind of reporting is essential to democracy and to the movement towards a more just world.



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